20 FUN Facts About Me!


Hey guys!!

So, I know I’ve been MIA for the last month on here, and normally I'm on it, but the last month has been a little crazy so I took some much needed time off and IT FELT AMAZING! Now I’m really excited to be back at this!

This week the blog will be a little different. I’m going to be sharing 20 FUN facts about me. This list was super fun for me to make!

  1. My name is Vanessa. I was born and raised in Modesto, CA but now live in one of the most beautiful cities in California - Los Angeles!

  2. I’ve been living in LA for THREE YEARS, that’s still shocking to say!

  3. I am deeply in love with my best friend, Joel. We’ve been together almost 3 years STRAIGHT (Bonus: we have unofficial and official dates for when we started dating. Looking back, we went out on many dates before we would ever call them that).

  4. I love love LOVE fashion, and styling is fun for me! These inspired me to share my taste in fashion with you all on IG and this blog. That’s also what lead me to the name WhatVanessaWears - my content is what I wear and what describes me!

  5. I’m always craving chocolate and usually have some Oreos or Chip Ahoy (warmed up) when I get home from work or a night out. Oh, and I dip my cookies in milk. ALWAYS.

  6. On my day off I like to look for a new spot to eat (I’m def a brunch kind of girl), and also new coffee shops! #coffeeaddict

  7. I played soccer from when I was 4, until I was 21 (Bonus: I did cheer one year, lol).

  8. I’ll occasionally throwback and jam to some old-school ghetto music, haha. Almost always in the car when Joel is driving! You know what they say: you can take the girl out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the girl!

  9. Sharing milk grosses me out!

  10. I consider myself as a peacemaker. I don’t like drama or when there is tension in the room or between people. I forgive easily, and love talking things through. Togetherness is the wave! Along the same lines: I don’t believe in cutting people out of your life, but I do believe in boundaries. If you hurt me, we don’t have to end our friendship, but I will keep my distance to protect my emotional health!

  11. I’m a TOTAL homebody. I love watching a good show on Netflix or Hulu. Let me know what you’re currently watching!

  12. Fries are my jam! And as far as sauces? I scoop, I don’t dip. Ya know? (Bonus: Taco Bell is my FAV fast food!)

  13. When I listen to music, I sing the words I know but I’ll sing what I don’t know, too. I just make up my own lyrics! Haha, that’s how I roll.

  14. My love languages are: quality time, physical touch, and words of affirmation!

  15. I don’t have a middle name. Thanks, mom!

  16. I wish there was subtitles in real life. Sometimes I can’t hear shizzz, lol. Joel constantly has to repeat himself to me. He actually calls me “two-time” for fun because he has to say things twice, haha!

  17. Bad habit: biting my nails. Oopsie. I heard manicures cure that?

  18. I have one sibling (Bonus: we get to be the same age for two days, cray).

  19. I love to journal. I normally like to write about my day, what I’m going through, feelings, overcoming difficulties I’m facing, and even the good things that happen in my life. I look forward to looking back at all of this in the future.

  20. I’m a Jesus girl! That doesn’t mean I judge you if you’re not, that just means I love deeply because I’m deeply loved!

Ok, girls! I hope that was some fun for you to read as much as it was for me to write! Let me know in the comment section below a fact about YOU. I’d love to know something about you, and as always…

Xo, Vanessa