Neons & Pastels: A Hot New Trend to Brighten Your Winter Wardrobe

We ‘re on the last week of January… Isn’t that crazy? We are still in the Winter season though so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Even though LA is usually year-round in the 70s, it can get pretty warm and pretty cold depending on the time of the year. Honestly the weather is one of the best things about LA, but don’t get me wrong it can totally be bipolar at times. Anyway, with it still being Winter, I swear I can literally live on any cozy sweater when its cold out. On top of that, this week it’ll be raining… So, what can we wear while we’re still in this frosty vibe to brighten our day? Well, let me tell you about this new trend that I’ve been loving: neons and pastels!


I normally wear a lot of neutral colors like: black (a lot of black), beige, and whites during the Winter season… and honestly that can get boring. I love fashion and love styling a new look, so I need this trend to spice things up! It’s super easy to wear and will go with just about anything. Here I’m wearing a neon purple sweater from & Other Stories, and I’m SO in love with the color. It’s SO pretty!


While I was shopping for this sweater, I started seeing a lot of pretty bright colors starting to fill the racks, which is awesome! So, my opinion while shopping this trend: I would say this purple, baby blue, and maybe a neon green would be my top picks as far as colors. But you do you! Here’s one more of me in this trendy sweater…


Working in the fashion industry I have the privilege of seeing the next hot trend before it hits the floors. I love discovering whats in, and love sharing that with YOU! So, what do you think about this trend? Are there any colors that stand out to you when you think of neons and pastels that you’d want to style and work into your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments down below! And as always…

xo, Vanessa

P.S! Here are some cute options and alternatives I loved for this trend. Click on them to shop!