My Top 20 NYFW 2019 Looks - Pt. 1

New. York. Fashion. Week. Ok, who wouldn’t die for a chance at attending this iconic fashion event? It’s an event where many designers, some you may not have ever heard of, showcase their latest, freshest collections. It’s become something I SO look forward to because there are literally hundreds of looks to draw inspiration from. A lot of it may not seem ready-to-wear, but it’s SO good to open yourself up to styles that are outside of your comfort zone and outside the box - that’s creativity! That’s how you learn to modify and try new things with your own sense of style. Fashion is all about individuality and expression!

I’ve spent hours looking through the hundreds of NYFW 2019 looks, and decided “Ok, I need to pick my favorites and share them with my blog!” And that was such a challenge, btw! I chose 20 looks, and honestly that list can be much bigger and may even change the more I look at them, but I just have to get these out there and share my thoughts - why I love them so much.

So here are the first 10 of my top 20 NYFW 2019 looks:

Cynthia Rowley Look 17/33

Really love this first look. I love the length because with dresses, I prefer longer over shorter. It’s my preference. I also love the color with that floral print. It has this retro 70s vibe to it without seeming to “vintage”, and the silk is a perfect choice of material.

Con Tri Look 6/42

Ok, I’m obsessed with the exaggerated shoulder/sleeve here! I don’t know about you, but can you even stop staring at them? Yeah it’s “out there”, probably something you’d never wear, but can you resist how spectacular this dress is? Doesn’t it literally just pull you in? I thought so! You honestly can’t help but admire it. The rose gold coloring is stunning, and the shine is brilliant. Elegant and classy and WOW.

Oscar de la Renta Look 39/58

What really stood out to me about this piece was the one-sleeve. I’m ALL about the one-sleeve dress. The texture and print here, let me explain a bit of the idea behind it: with this dress and his collection overall, Oscar went for a vintage carpet motif. Can you see it? Love the matching clutch and the mismatching earrings. This look is unique and the more I look at it I can’t get over how well-proportioned this dress is, it’s modeled beautifully.

Bibhu Mohapatra Look 11/45

Confession: I’m a lover of ALL things green. This color, the asymmetrical cut, the embroidery… I love how elegant and clean this dress while still coming across as fresh and bright. There’s that strong black hidden throughout the look, but that green makes it special. Beautiful!

A.L.C. Look 16/24

Girls, did you think I was done with animal print? More zebra coming your way! This has the playfulness of a skirt with the elegance of a dress. It features a fitted waistline with a pleated bottom. I love everything about it. SO cute!

Alice + Olivia Look 12/33

Alice + Olivia is all about color and print. Here the base color is black, brought to life with their signature colors and pattern. Vogue described this most recent collection as a “lollipop of color and sparkle”. That’s literally spot on. The scarf-like neck accent and flare bottom, the see-through sleeves and choice of earrings… I’m in love! I love jumpsuits to begin with, but this one is obviously special.

Zimmermann Look 12/37

One word: GORGEOUS. This look is all about the detailing. The embroidery, the ruffle, the accessories, the hat, the polka dot pattern throughout. Everything. And if I don’t seem excited enough… Look. At. The. Shoes! I need them in my life… like today. Ankle bow… now please.

Jason Wu Collection Look 18/18

This is your classic long red gown. You’ve seen one before, but Jason Wu does an incredible job at refreshing that classic piece. The hemming on it adds motion and how perfect that it creates a rose design on the hip! It’s creative and beautiful.

Beaufille Look 2/23

Easily in my Top 5. I’m obsessed with the sleeves! Can you tell I love volume on sleeves? This look is very chic, very much my style. I love the jewelry, too. I’m a big big fan of yellow gold, you’ll see that on my Instagram a lot. The pants here complete the look. Total boss girl vibe.

Carolina Herrera Look 5/38

Again, I love the one-shoulder look on a dress! This one has flare sleeves and a puff on the one shoulder. I was drawn to that and Carolina’s use of bright, springtime colors. I picked a few looks that really focussed on that. Love it!

Ok, that was a lot of fashion, a lot of flare, a lot of fun! Wasn’t it? That was Pt.1, 10 of the 20 looks I chose as my top 20 NYFW 2019 looks. That mean next week I’ll be sharing Pt.2 with you, another 10 looks. I honestly can’t get enough! Ok, so tell me, of these first 10 looks I chose as my favs, which is your fav look? Comment below and tell me! I always say this and I always mean it: I LOVE hearing from you! And as always…

xo, Vanessa