My Top 20 NYFW 2019 Looks - Pt. 2

Ok girls, let’s get right to it! PART TWO of My Top 20 NYFW 2019 Looks!

Adeam Look 3/36

The plaid party continues! I love that plaid is trending this Fall season. It gives a certain look a business feel, while adding a bit of chic to it, as well. I love these colors combined together, because it’s more settled. When I read the article on this collection it mentions that this dress is also reversible? WHAT! So creative. Also, it looks easy to travel in so it doesn’t get wrinkled. Japanese artisanship is an obvious highlight here. I’m obsessed with jewelry most of all, which is why I picked this photo. Just look at the rings and earrings she has on. Aren’t they just gorgeous? So unique and beautiful in their own way. I want them!

Balmain Look 5/65

I definitely teared up while I was looking through Olivier’s portfolio for Balmain. My exact words were “OMG. This is so beautiful! How do designers imagine looks like these?” I was just in awe over how creative people can be. Balmain has a lot of beautiful pieces, but this look I picked out stood out to me. I love the denim look with a black detailed blazer, the high rise jeans that look washed out, and the gorgeous dress that has a lot of print & color with a puff shoulder (the Balmain ateliers are the MVPs here, seriously). In love with all three. My favorite pair of heels are the middle ones, with the rhinestones.

Christian Siriano Look 43/45

Christian Siriano is known for his couture dresses and how outstanding they are! This dress is, like, “ahhhhh”. What is there not to like?! The color, the shoulder details, the small ruffles… I LOVE this entire dress. Very classy and very couture. Also look 3/45 is a total bossbabe look! The light pink polka dot suit is to die for! Who wouldn’t want this outfit in their closet? Very chic, and I’m obsessed!

Frame Look 21/32

Frame is known for their denim. I seriously love Frame. I love this particular denim because of the asymmetrical buttons in the front; they make it so different. Not only that, but the wash, high rise fit, and cropped leg... It’s definitely an all year kind of denim.

Marissa Webb Look 21/27

Love, love, love this dress! What caught my attention in particular was not only this beautiful olive color, but more how the front profile is boxy. The buttons, bell sleeves, and knot in the front make it so feminine, which I like in a dress. I’d add gold accessories and Voila! Perfect for a date night!  

Off-White Look 19/29

Ok, who doesn’t know about this brand, by now? A lot of hype out there, but honestly makes sense because Virgil Abloh is a true artist. Probably one of THE coolest streetwear collections I’ve seen, personally. Their tees are very simple, and oversized in many cases (for women); that’s my kind of vibe. Their purses are also very unique, always have some type of writing on it. You know Off-White right when you see it. “ MUST HAVE “

Rachel Zoe Look 1/16

Okay. This is so girly and I love it! I love that the pink floral gives this clean white suit that pop of color. It’s an immediate YES from me because it’s so fashionable! I also think the flare bottom is way too cute. I’m on the short side, so I’d have to wear heels for sure when styling this.

Redemption Look 3/25

I love an all black outfit, especially one that looks super chic! Love everything about this outfit. The blazer has sequins to it that make it fun, and the plaid skirt with the belt detail gives it a unique vibe all-its-own. Can I also add that the polka dot nylons are soooo cute!

Valentino Look 3/90

More and more ruffles, please! YES! Love how the dress is also mixed with a pleated bottom. Seriously love it! Obsessed with a red dress. It’s such a bold and strong color, and I feel like it represents confidence best out of all colors. Wouldn’t wear this on a regular basis, but during a NYFW? 100x YES!

Versace Look 15/58

Versace Versace VersaceSeriously! Okay, first of all I had to pick this because Hailey Baldwin is modeling it (duh). Secondly, look at this freaking gorgeous dress! It’s zebra and giraffe print, one side is off-shoulder, and the beautiful gold detail in the middle of the dress seals the deal! And the matching shoes? SO in love!

Honestly, I could keep going. I think I’ll make this a Top 100… Kidding! But in all honesty, some advice I’ve learned from this exercise: look at as many photos as you can, every-day. It doesn’t have to be just fashion, it could be nature, architecture, whatever! The more you see, the wider your personal creativity and taste will grow. That’s the best way to stay fresh in your style. I had SO much fun doing this! Hope you all enjoyed, too. Drop me some love in the comments, and as always

xo, Vanessa