Summer MUST-HAVE Shoes!

Hey guys! So, lately I’ve been REALLY into shoes (what’s new, right?), and tell me if you’re like me, I’d legit go on and on for dayyyyysss looking for cute sandals, heels, wedges, and mules. I mean, the amount of open tabs I have on my phone might be a problem! And after I find cute ones, I’ll go back to my tabs over and over to check to see if any my faves have gone on sale, because, duhhhh! Who doesn’t love shoes that are on sale? GOALS. To me, the bottom line is this: you can NEVER have too many shoes, especially in the same color. My go-to is always always black, and I end up finding different styles of shoes in this color and pretty much end up wanting them ALL!

Okay, so today if you caught on is all about Summer Must-Haves in the shoe department. I’ll be showing you what I’ve been really into, and as always, feel free to click through the pictures to shop before they sell out! Here we go:


Not a lot of people are a huge fan of these, but I’m really digging this style and I actually prefer these over wedges right now. These can go with anything: dresses, skirts, jeans, even shorts. You can definitely dress it up, or down. It’s THE perfect shoe this Summer. I’ll be buying this style in tan and black colorways for sure.


These have been in style since last year. I’ve wanted them since then but honestly at the time I couldn’t find them anywhere, and if I did find them, they were over-priced or out of stock in my size (many tears were shed). Sooooo this year, a blogger friend told me she found her clear heels on Amazon! WHAT? I was so shocked to hear you could find these there. Bought them right away and since I’ve had them, I’ve literally been wearing them non-stop. They go with everything. You NEED these in your closet!


This style is THE cutest! I think I have a thing for shoes now because I’m loving everything I put my eyes on it feels like, can you tell? Haha okay, so these shoes are more formal. I’d wear these with a casual dress if I wanted to dress up and not wear the normal super high heels, which is normally not my kind of thing anyway, so these are a perfect alternative. They’re in-trend, cute, and really comfortable. I’ve been seeing these a lot and plan on ordering them in black and white.


I’ve been wearing mules now for about 3-4 years now, and they weren’t a big thing back then but now I see them everywhere. Lucky me! They’re the comfiest shoe in my opinion and still super cute when you have them on. You should probably have these in different colors too because they’re great go-to’s: easy to wear and easy to style, for sure.


I was personally never a fan of flat sandals…pretty much EVER! I’ve always loved a small heel for some reason, but now that I’m seeing these more and more, I’m totally digging them. They’re so cute and casual. Need these in my life, and so. do. you.


I feel like with platforms you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. At first I wasn’t really into them because they looked really big at a glance and I didn’t want to look super tall (or look like I’m trying to look super tall), BUT, I did find some that were super cute that I would wear this Summer. It’s definitely a summer-trend shoe.

Okay! So those are my top faves at the moment; believe me, if I don’t already have every style and color I’m interested in, I’ll be getting them soon because they’re just way too cute. For me, it comes down to this: I’m just really into shoes that are in-trend! What about you? Are any on my list on yours as well? Leave me a comment below with your Summer faves!

Bonus Tip: anything that’s in-trend I’ll normally buy at affordable stores like Lulus, Zara, Boohoo etc.

As always babes,

xo, Vanessa