Sweater Weather

“Comfy, Cozy, Cute…”


So I’ve been loving the cozy weather here in Los Angeles, lately! Other than occasion, I very much consider the current weather when choosing an outfit for the day (Siri knows this is my favorite question). Because of the cold temperature, light fog/sprinkling, occasional rain and all-around gloomy vibe, I’ve really been into the chunky turtleneck sweater, lately. I’m ALL about being comfy, cozy, and cute - those are my “3 C’s”. With this kind of weather, throw on any sweater and you fit the weather. With some recommendations from me on a cute sweater, though (like this sweater from H&M, very similar to the one I’ve styled), just add jeans and booties and you got yourself a really cute outfit that matches most occasions as well. As far as pricing, the sweater I’ve styled here (size Small) is also from H&M and cost me just… $10.99! WHAAAAT?! Yessss, how could I not pass that up! That’s a steal! Would totally recommend H&M sweaters. Links to a very similar sweater are sprinkled above.

Let me tell you, I’m allll about great deals. This sweater is very simple and basic. My opinion: you always need some type of solid color in your closet (your usuals: black, heather grey, beige, and white). And me? I love this heather grey. There are different ways to style this sweater, too. Fun Fact: I love to style a piece of clothing several ways, I think it’s so fun to switch things around rather than just thinking about…a shirt as just a shirt - tuck it in fully or just in front of the waist for an alternate look. Anyway, one way to style this sweater is with a “street-style” look: this sweater with blue jeans that are cropped and a chunky white shoe. Another look would by more dressy: this sweater with leather leggings and black pointy heels, add a clutch. A third look would be more casual-dressy: this sweater with black jeans and black booties, and…add a black leather jacket whenever you need it. Also, when I wear a turtleneck I normally put my hair up so you can see the sweater more, and if you pair it with nice earrings it makes the outfit a great statement plus looks super classy. Again, this sweater is on sale now (at time of publishing).

Ok! I really hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe got some new ideas? Remember, next time you’re shopping for sweater weather, you can style it at least three different ways.

P.S. I had A LOT of fun shooting these pictures with Joel and surprisingly…it only took literally five minutes to take these. That never happens!

Have a blessed day, everyone!
xo, Vanessa


Before I go…
Let me know in the comment section below: what is your go-to comfy, cozy, cute outfit? I would love to know!