Valentine’s Day Style Guide

Whether you’re madly in love leading up to Valentine’s Day this year - ready and smitten for chocolate and cuddles and dinners and flowers, a whole lot of Xs and Os - or, whether February 14th 2019 for you is an official celebration of the also-popular cultural holidays: Friendship Day/Singles Awareness Day/Galentine’s Day… Either way, love is in the air, and if there’s one thing I know about ladies in general - young or old, single or taken - is wherever there is love, that love comes best expressed through… you guessed it - clothing! This year I’ve decided to create a style guide for you, no matter what love you’ll be celebrating. Whether you’re the type of girl to get glam’d up, tend to keep it modest, or even if you blur that line a little every once in a while, I’ve considered ALL of you and have curated six outfits to help you on your search for the perfect XO Day outfit! I’ll organize it from dressy…to more casual as we go. Let’s start:


Who doesn’t have a little black dress in their closet? Or at least, who wouldn’t want one? I love that this choice here has lace, beautiful detailing, and that it shows your back. Very simple, classy, yet has a little sexiness to it - just the right amount. This is something you can always re-use for other occasions, too. I would pair it with a simple, black, open-toe heel and nice black clutch. Oh and can’t forget the red lipstick to spice things up!


A red dress, especially one that’s off-the-shoulder is super HOT! I personally love a red dress like this. You stand out and it’s a sexy color. When you wear this, you’ll feel and look so confident - that’s a big deal in fashion: it’s not just the clothing, it’s how the clothing reflects what’s on the inside. I also love that this dress is knee-length (I personally don’t like like super short dresses); it makes this dress classy, like for a nice dinner. Also, can we just admire that cute ruffle detail on the bottom? Because this is a fun and flirty dress, I would pair it with a black feather stiletto heel and a simple black crossbody purse.


This dress is for the pretty girl who’s all sweet. I’m obsessed with this color, and honestly it’s the perfect Galentines Day outfit. This dress is more simple than the other ones I’ve mentioned, but still a little dressy when you put some heels on. Again, it has the ruffles at the bottom with an asymmetrical style that makes it unique. I would pair this with a clear heel that’s in-trend right now. I love that idea, it would pair SO well with this. This outfit wants to have a good time!


There’s not a lot to say about this one! Simple: this top is just so pretty and classy. Want to dress up but not wear a dress? This is the choice for you.


This look is more for a day-date. If you’re looking for an outfit that you’ll want to dress up casually in, this is it. What’s more perfect than a black, off-shoulder top? With jeans, simple black booties, and that red lipstick, you’'ll be good-to-go! Simple and sexy.


Girls, if you own red high heels… WEAR THEM! Especially on Valentines day. It’s so fun wearing a colored heel, something other then black. And again you WILL stand out, even if you’re dressed casually all over. I love this look! If you’re looking for a comfy-but-cute look, this is for you.

Girls, we’re done! I REALLY hope this helped you. Take these outfits, or inspiration from them to find your perfect outfit for this special day… I know I will. But, in the end, no matter the situation for you this February 14th remember this: you are loved! And LOVE is the most powerful force. I hope you feel loved and celebrated this year! As always…

xo, Vanessa

P.S. Let me know in the comments which outfit you’d go with: #1-#6. I’d love to hear from you!